Call for abstracts “Political Participation and Mobilisations in Authoritarian Contexts”

Come Tempi Moderni abbiamo il piacere di trasmettere in allegato e di seguito la call for abstracts per il panel “Political Participation and Mobilisations in Authoritarian Contexts”, organizzato da Gaia Gondino, Chiara Maritato e Paola Rivetti nell’ambito della conferenza annuale della SISP. Ricordiamo che l’invio degli abstract deve avvenire esclusivamente attraverso la piattaforma MySISP.

Call for abstracts
SISP (Società Italiana di Scienza Politica) Annual Conference
6/8 September 2018, University of Turin
Section 6 – Participation and social movements
Panel 2: Political Participation and Mobilisations in Authoritarian Contexts: Beyond Crisis
We invite papers with original empirical data and theoretical/analytical reflections from diverse disciplines including anthropology, history, political science and sociology.
Deadline for paper abstract submission:   20th May 2018
Paper abstracts must be   max 2,500 characters  long and must be submitted  ONLY through the MySISP online platform.


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